Become a ClipEscooler

Become a ClipEscooler

Work on a Scale-Up of accelerated growth technology with many opportunities and high-astral environment!

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Technology and innovation created by people committed to education and attentive to the future. That's why ClipEscola grows exponentially every year, reaching schools in and out of the country. Working here is to build the tools for efficient and inclusive school communication, dramatically impacting the way schools capture and retain their pupils.

ClipEscoolers are the biggest asset of ClipEscola! Committed and efficient, we have built a pleasurable and challenging work environment, together we make the gear of excellence rotate. If you have identified yourself with our vision, come and be a part! 


In contact with nature, keeping an eye on modernization: This is how we feel when we have our headquarters on the island of Santa Catarina, more precisely on the way that leads to the popular beaches of the north of the capital of Santa Catarina. While our team brings multicultural luggage, we have in common the option to make this land our base of operations and our springboard for ever-increasing jumps. 

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Check out the differentials of being a Clipescooler

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Our headquarters is in Corporate Park, a complete center for technology companies.

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We bet on the horizontal hierarchy, with a dynamic and participative environment.

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We have bike racks for work athletes, lakes and very green for the time to relax a little.

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Light and informal atmosphere, we adhere to the movement "Yes for shorts!"

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Our fridge is never empty, snacks and sodas are on our own.

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We are the greatest asset of the ClipEscola! We believe that happy people deliver the best results.

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Do you like that?

So check the open vacancies!

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You liked all this, but you don't have a vacancy with your profile? No problem! We work with curriculum and active recruitment, so you can send your resume! All our vacancies are also aimed at people with special needs.