Know how parents and students use ClipEscola

How to start


Please contact your School to make sure they have adopted ClipEscola as a communication platform.

If that is not the case, don’t waste any more time! Click on the link below to tell them about our platform. The earlier we start, the better!



Your School already uses ClipEscola as a communication platform. Excellent!

To insure total safety on the identification of the responsible for each student, ClipEscola uses the number of your mobile chip. So now we need to be sure that your data is up-to-date in the School system.

Still don’t have a smartphone to access ClipEscola? That’s okay. You won’t be able to enjoy all of the platform’s resources, but not to worry. Messages from the School will be forwarded to your e-mail.


Your data is being updated in the School, so we’re ready!

  1. the first thing to do is to download ClipEscola from the app store:
    If you own an iPhone, look for the icon in App Store
    If you own an Android device, look for it in Google Play
  2. Are you in the app store? Now just look for “ClipEscola” on the search field.
  3. You’ve found it! Now click install.
    Remember to authorize the permissions required by the app. Only with that you’ll be able to enjoy all the resources offered by ClipEscola.


Now all you’ll need to do is to validate your mobile number, the same number that is registered in the School’s system.

Open the app. ClipEscola will try to send an SMS to our servers. This is the safest way to ensure the smartphone in use belongs to the person responsible for the student.

If all goes well, ClipEscola will open the confirmation screen to the Dependents.

The standard procedure did not work? Don’t give up just yet. We’ve got an alternative:

If we don’t receive your SMS, ClipEscola will try to invert the process, forwarding an SMS from our server to your phone. For that, you’ll need to inform your mobile number. * Remember to add the area code.
* For safety measures, this information is not available to the installed apps.

The SMS arrived! Excellent! Please copy the safety pin from the message, and type it to the screen that was opened in ClipEscola.

That still hasn’t worked? Oh, c’mon…
This happens when ClipEscola is not capable of locating your number in the School’s registers 🙁

Not all is lost, though! How about trying this:

    • Please verify your e-mail. If it’s correctly registered in the School, the safety pin will be forwarded to it also. Open the e-mail, and type in ClipEscola the safety pin received.
    • Please verify if you have more than one chip in your phone. The SMS may have been sent to an unregistered number. If this happens, just update your data in the School, and repeat the process above.


You are now an official Clipper!

Get ready for a new era of interaction and engagement in your children’s school life.

Would you like to know a bit more about the resources offered by ClipEscola? Please access our welcome video destined to parents and guardians.