• Text messages
    Send quick messages to parents and receive real-time reading confirmation.
  • Official notes
    Send elaborate correspondence with logo, text formatting, images etc. Create your own templates and make them available to all the school staff.
    Schedule periodic Clips for automatic delivery such as holidays, menu of the week, instructions on re-enrollments and more. Access real-time reports of those who have received and those who have read the messages.
  • Photos and Videos
    Keep your audience emotionally connected with the school. Through a Smartphone or Tablet, send quick photos of children playing, eating or performing their activities. Reassure the parents of new students and gain their trust.
  • Surveys
    Apply quick surveys to parents and get instant feedback. Create multiple choice answers and know what your audience thinks about the school. Discover ways to improve your service, ask for a feedback about the last meeting, the teachers, know who intends to re-enroll their children, which shift is preferred, what services they are willing to pay for etc.



Request parents permits to trips or extra activities and get instant feedback. Follow in real time who has received, viewed and responded to authorizations. Ask the parents authorization for trips or extra activities and get instant feedback. Everything available for access at any time.



  • Invitations
    Invite everyone to the school events through elaborate Clips with logo, text formatting and images. Create your own templates and make them available to all the school staff.
  • Scheduling
    Sync the parents schedule with the school agenda.
    Automatic Clips will remind parents of important events such as tours, culinary activities, potlucks, extra activities, acquisition of books and school materials, PTA meetings, pending permits and much more.
  • Attendance confirmation
    Keep track of confirmations for events in real-time and remind parents who have not yet confirmed.
  • Engagement
    Keep parents updated on the events’ preparations. Send photos and videos before and during the events through any smartphone or tablet. Also get feedback and suggestions for future editions.


  • Multiple Calendars
    Provide calendars by area or functionality, curricular, meetings, tasks, use of space, multimedia booking, parental care…
  • Visibility Control
    Decide which calendars will be provided for each audience: Coordinators, Teachers, Staff, Parents, Students.

School Diary and Messages

  • Communication in the right measure
    ClipEscola does not allow parents to transform the access to teachers in an endless chat room. Parents only send messages through the School Diary, ensuring an objective communication, focused on academic affairs.
  • Feedback to parents
    Send a reading acknowledgment or reply to incoming messages.
  • Scheduled time for reading messages
    Set the time limit for the messages of the day, so parents will know that “the diary has already been delivered” and that the message will be read only on the next day’s diary.
  • Multiple Service Channels
    Provide direct channels to each sector of the school, like teachers, secretaries, coordination, financial,…

Teacher's Diary

  • Multiple Calendars
    Provide calendars by area or functionality, curriculum, meetings, homework, use of physical space, multimedia reservation, parental care…
  • Descriptive Reports
    Teachers can send students´ reports, evaluation sheets, daily summaries, activity books and much more directly to the parents’ Smartphones and create their own templates to make them available to all the school staff.
  • Scheduling
    Schedule clips to be sent automatically at a later date.
  • Reviewers
    Schedule the routing of the opinions to the review of Coordinators or the School’s administration before publication.
  • Class activity diary
    Registry of the content taught, and activities executed in the classroom.
  • Tasks
    List of tasks, researches and deadlines
  • School incidents
    Pedagogical and behavioral incidents, unwarned absences, incomplete homeworks, incidents in the classroom…
  • Video-classes
    Categorize videos to support the content taught in the classroom.
  • Teacher’s materials
    Teachers can send homework, tasks, research projects, text scripts directly to the parents´ and the students´ smartphone or tablet. Update parents about the activities that have been applied in the classroom, during travelling or absence of students.

Entry and exit of Students

  • Third party authorization
    Agility and safety. Parents can send authorizations from their own Smartphone allowing third parties to pick their children up at school. They can send all the third party’s information, such as photo, identification, degree of kinship and validity of the authorization.
  • Confirmation of entry and exit
    Sync ClipEscola with the institution’s entrance control system (codebar readers or turnstiles) and tranquilize the parents about the students´ arrival in the school premises. At the time that the entry is recorded, ClipEscola automatically sends a message to the parents’ Smartphone.
  • Arrival notice
    Reduce parking time and traffic jam in the school surroundings. Through the GPS system, ClipEscola keeps track of parents who are approaching the school, allowing its staff to speed up the students´ departure.

Message Groups

  • Connect all the staff
    Organize the communication of all school internal staff in one location. Create groups and organize conversations. Send direct messages, photos, videos and surveys.
  • Bad Language Wizard
    You can also activate the “Bad Language Wizard” that automatically deletes words or phrases with offensive language.
  • Secure communication between parents
    Offer greater convenience to parents who already exchange messages with each other (via WhatsApp and the like). Besides the ease to find other parents who have children in the same class as them, ClipEscola provides a safer environment, integrated with the school.


  • Allow payment of all extra fees, events, food, or even tuition by using ClipEscola.


  • Academic ERP
    Improve productivity integrating ClipEscola directly to your Management System. Our IT team will help you throughout the whole process, including the development of whatever is necessary for making the process faster.
  • E-mails
    Redirect the sending of e-mails from other systems to ClipEscola. Use the intelligence and the rules of school systems that are already in use to send e-mails, and make the delivery straight to the phone of parents and students. Let ClipEscola handle this!