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transformation program

transformation program

Understanding that the process of insertion of these new tools needs to be gradual and aligned with the strategies of each School, we created our ClipFlows, simple and safe paths to insert your institution into the new era of M3I Digital Transformation

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ClipFlows of Digital Transformation:

ClipFlows of Digital Transformation:

ClipEscola's M3I Digital Transformation Maturity Program expresses a vision of the maturity of digital transformation in education in order to provide rectors, pedagogical / administrative directors and coordinators with a mechanism for continuous evolution of the educational institution under their responsibility.
Because there are institutions at different times on the path of digital transformation, we split our ClipFlows into four stages. With this, the first step towards digital school transformation is to discover the stage of maturity of your institution, and only then to draw a gradual plan of action at the school’s pace, towards more advanced stages.

Paper or Basic Maturity Stage

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Did you know that most schools are still in this internship?

These are schools that do not yet have a digital transformation platform specifically developed for the needs of an educational institution.

Communication is done by various means: paper diaries, wall murals, phone calls, portals, emails or WhatsApp.

Mobile Maturity Stage

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Mobile Stage or Digital Agenda.
Gradually, more and more schools are beginning the transition from the Basic to the Mobile stage through the adoption of digital diaries. This is the first step towards digital transformation.

This stage is characterized by Schools that have already adopted mobile solutions focused on multichannel communication, with functionalities that aim to replace the paper agenda and developed specifically for the needs of an educational institution.

360º Maturity Stage

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Stage in which the Digital Transformation for the entire School begins.

This stage is characterized by Schools that have already adopted solutions that converge communication, marketing and endomarketing of all areas of the school into a single channel, involving all teams, both internal and external: Direction, secretariat, province, treasury, coordination, teachers, marketing, endomarketing, marketing agencies, human resources / talent manager, network manager, franchisor, maintainer, canteen, school transportation, outsourced food, etc.

It is the centralized management of all the information circulating through the School by converging all teams to the same platform.

Artificial Intelligence Maturity Stage

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Stage characterized by Schools that have already adopted the use of Artificial Intelligence with robot assistants and machine learning for data analysis and automation of tasks, such as: ChatBots for Assistance to Parents, Students and Collaborators; Mood and Personality Map of Parents, Students and Collaborators; Predictive Analysis of Retention and Abandonment, , etc.

ClipEscola Digital Diary MOBILE STAGE

Still using Paper Diary, Mobile Portals or WhatsApp? See why your School needs a solution specifically tailored to the communication needs of a Teaching Institution!

The ClipEscola Diary is a complete communication platform designed to bring parents, teachers and the school together. Parents and caregivers can closely monitor the students' daily lives, and the Schools reduce costs and increase engagement of their target audience.

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general communication MOBILE STAGE

M31 - Geral

mobile stage / general communication GENERAL INFORMATION

Parental adherence can be gradual, without anyone being left out of the bulletins. The platform automatically monitors who has already downloaded the App, and for those who have not yet downloaded, the Clips are automatically redirected to their emails.

Forward elaborate correspondences, with logo, text formatting, images, etc.
Use ClipEscola's ready-made templates or create your own, which will be available to everyone in your School. Schedule periodic newsletters for automatic mailing, such as commemorative dates, week menu, rematch instructions, and more. Keep track of who has received and who has read the bulletins in real time.

Keep your audience emotionally connected with the School. Capture quick snapshots of children playing, eating or performing their activities. Reassure parents when they are adapting new students and gain their confidence.

Greater security to what is sent to parents or students, schedule the forwarding of the messages for review by Coordinators or the Secretariat before publication.

M31 - Agenda

mobile stage / general communication CALENDARS

Provide calendars by area or functionality: curriculum, meetings, homework, use of physical space, multimedia reservation, parental care..

Determine which calendars will be available for each audience: Coordinators, Teachers, Collaborators, Parents or Students.

Important dates are automatically synchronized with the users' cell phones calendar, which will receive automatic notifications of the proximity of the event, even when without an internet signal. That way you can not forget,  right?

M31 - 3

mobile stage / general communication RECEIVING INFORMATION AND POLLS

Receipt of documents such as certificates, vouchers, photos and videos.
Integrate the ERP of the School and make available a cadastral update by the cell phone.

Refer parental authorization requests for outings, extra activities, and more, and get instant feedback. Track in real time who has already received, who viewed and who responded to authorizations. All archived, digitally signed and available for consultation at any time.

Time Scheduled to Read Messages: Schedule the time limit for the day's bulletins, so parents will be advised that "the school diary has already been delivered," and that the message will only be read the next day.

Multiple Channels of Attendance: Provide direct channels to each of the school's teams, teachers, secretariat, coordination, financial, ...

Apply quick polls to parents and get instant feedback. Create multiple choice answers and learn how your audience sees the School. Find out how to improve your services, ask how they rated the last meeting, the teachers, the attendance, and more. Know who wants to re-enroll their children, which shift they have preference for, what services they are willing to pay for, etc.

Do not restrict yourself to multiple choice questions, with ClipEscola you run elaborate searches with open questions, a large number of matters and a variety of answers.

M31 - 4

mobile stage / general communication COMMUNICATION AMONG PARENTS

Communication among parents in a private and safe environment, optionally moderated by the school.

Parent groups per classroom can be created automatically, making it possible for parents in each class to interact with each other.

Parents may also be allowed to create subgroups of conversations, such as: Football Team Parents, the Parents 'and Teachers' Council, and others.

Greater security and privacy, it is not necessary to disclose the parents' phone numbers to the participants in each group.

In addition to ease and convenience, the school is also able to monitor and moderate all information exchange in these settings.

M31 - 5

mobile stage / general communication COMMUNICATION AMONG STUDENTS

Groups of conversations to communicate among students in a private and safe environment, optionally moderated by the school. Student groups per classroom can be created automatically, making it possible for students in each class to interact with each other.

The functionality also enables:
Interaction between students in the same class or, optionally, among students throughout the school.

More inclusive groups, information among students is equally available among all students, without the possibility of someone not being informed, regardless of the "tribe" they belong to.

As all conversations can be monitored by the school, anti bullying actions can be taken immediately.

Students may also be allowed to create subgroups of conversations, such as: Class Leaders; Study Groups or Extra Activities, such as a trip to the museum, vacation colony, volleyball team, among others.

Greater security and privacy, it is not necessary to disclose the phone numbers of the students to the participants of the groups.

In addition to ease and convenience, the school is also able to monitor and moderate all information exchange in these settings.

M31 - 6

mobile stage / general communication CLIPNEWS

Channel that offers specialized content created by ClipEscola partners;

The School has the option of signing between existing channels. Each channel can have one more target audience: employees, parents or students.

It is the School that decides what content should be forwarded to which audience.


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Academic Accompaniment MOBILE STAGE

M31 - 7

mobile stage / Academic Accompaniment Monitoring of School Performance

Digitally report all the events in the classroom:

  • Daily monitoring sheet for the minors, the baby's chart;

  • Programmatic content by discipline;

  • Monitoring and adaptation information for students;

  • Daily activities carried out in the classroom;

  • Etc;

The School can customize the fields for each type of accompaniment, including the presentation format for parents. Our platform offers a library with a wide variety of models, but still, you can create new ones, with the School’s visual identity.

Greater security than what is sent to parents or students, schedule the referral of opinions for review by Coordinators or the Secretariat before publication.

With the integration of ERP systems, access to academic information is simple and easy:

  • Notes and opinions;

  • Academic performance (bulletin);

  • Frequency and punctuality;

  • School occurrences (warnings, homework, presentation of papers).

  • Ticket delivery;

  • Etc;

Consolidate all School information by integrating ClipEscola into legacy systems:

  • Academic management systems;

  • Academic portal;

  • Distance learning platforms;

  • Library management;

  • Ratchet control systems;

  • Etc;

M31 - 8

mobile stage / Academic Accompaniment HOME ACTIVITIES

Organized and structured information by areas:

  • Shopping lists for future school activities;

  • Bibliographic list for reading and study materials;

  • Videotapes to support content delivered in the classroom (sending by streaming video, without taking up space on the parents’ and students’ cell phones);

  • Materials for tutoring or for absent students;

Os materiais de estudo podem ser enviados nos formatos: e-book, mensagens, documentos elaborados ou PDF, apresentações PowerPoint, imagens e vídeos.Lembretes automatizados. Em dias que antecedem as atividades extraclasse, como lanche coletivo, é possível programar notificações aos alunos lembrando-os da data e dos itens necessários para levar para a escola Atividades para serem realizadas em casa - "deveres de casa";
Encaminhe materiais para aplicação em casa, tarefas, pesquisas, roteiros de provas, entre outros, diretamente do smartphone ou tablet do professor. Atualize os pais, sobre as atividades que foram aplicadas em sala, durante viagens ou ausência dos alunos. Programe datas limites e receba os trabalhos e atividades realizadas pelos alunos diretamente pela plataforma.

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M31 - 9

mobile stage / Events Management of School Events

Publicize school events through elaborate communications, with logo, text formatting, images or videos. Use ClipEscola's ready-made templates or create your own, which will be available to everyone in your School.

Synchronize parents' calendar with School events. Let ClipEscola advise and remind parents of important dates, such as tours, outings, cooking, snacking, extra activities, purchase of materials, parenting meetings, and more.

Track event confirmations in real time, and reinforce the notice to parents who have not yet confirmed.

Keep parents up to date on event preparations. Forward photos and videos of the news, record the events running through any smartphone, receive feedback and suggestions for future editions.

M31 - 10

mobile stage / Events MEETINGS

Good management is the key to the success of gatherings, meetings and events. Add tools for organizing internal meetings and events:

Disclosure of agenda and meeting dates
Publicize meetings between school teams through elaborate communications, with logo, text formatting, images or videos. Use ClipEscola's ready-made templates or create your own, which will be available to everyone in your School.

Invitation and presence confirmation
Keep track of the confirmations for the meetings in real time, and reinforce the notice to employees who have not yet confirmed.
Synchronize the agenda of the School's employees. Let ClipEscola advise and remind the team of important dates and increase attendance at these important meetings.

Disclosure of records and space for feedback
Forward the records of the works in several formats: PDF, images or videos. Receive feedback and suggestions for upcoming issues.

360° STAGE

Welcome to Digital Transformation for all School Teams!

If your School already uses a Digital Agenda, congratulations! The first step was taken, but Digital Transformation goes far beyond replacing the paper agenda!

To enter your School in this new world is necessary to insert all the teams of the institution,
internal and external, in the same digital transformation, no one should be left out!

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Marketing & Endomarketing 360° STAGE

M31 - 11

360° STAGE / Marketing & Endomarketing School Marketing Plan

Make a killer marketing plan with the paths ClipEscola makes available to your educational institution!

Increase the reach of the School's actions to all of your target audiences, current students, prospective students, and former ones.

ClipEscola is a complete Marketing platform! It provides resources for the educational institution to carry out diversified and attractive school marketing actions. All in a unified end-to-end system.

The whole marketing plan is built and run in one place, use our models that already contemplate the whole school calendar:

  • School activities;

  • Awards and events;

  • Dissemination of new courses and extra activities;

  • Campaigns for capturing students through permission marketing and content marketing;

  • Public newsletters with school events;

  • Ready-made templates and strategies with good practices for each need;

  • Marketing automation campaigns;

  • Etc;

The disclosure is made directly by the application or, for those who have not downloaded or are not interested in downloading the App, the Clips are automatically redirected to the emails.

M31 - 12

360° STAGE / Marketing & Endomarketing Endomarketing for Collaborators

Keep your inner team engaged with the School. Run campaigns for the internal team, informing, instructing or motivating your most valuable resource, the collaborators of the educational institution:

  • Nutrition of the collaborators team focused on endomarketing;

  • Dissemination of good practices, challenges and successes;

  • Announcements in general;

  • Dissemination of the internal general agenda, school calendar and events;

  • Alignment of teams with events at school;

  • Etc;

In addition to the Campaigns, polling and complex research resources can also be used for application among the institution's teams. Raise the organizational climate of the entire School in minutes, propose solutions and collect feedback from teams.

M31 - 13

360° STAGE / Marketing & Endomarketing Recruitment and New Enrollments

Leverage your enrollments using ClipEscola to recruit students!

Use digital marketing strategies and cultivate a proactive relationship with your target audience, nurturing with information sent directly to your mobile.

Relationship, attendance, publicity actions and engagement of students and parents in prospecting to join the School.

Manage the fundraising funnel and send the right nutrition for each stage, increasing conversion rates. The ClipEscola Platform is the ideal solution for end-to-end follow-up of new students:

  • Nutrition and Engagement

  • Provide access to the school's specific library of photos and videos;

  • Update prospective students with information about the institution's structure, events, and all important accomplishments;

  • Negotiation of plans and values;

  • Receipt of documents;

  • Receipt of documents;

  • Digital signature of contract;

M31 - 14

360° STAGE / Marketing & Endomarketing Student Retakes and Avoiding School Dropout

Increase students and parents retention through news releases and news from the School! Submit polls to find out the intentions of re-enrollments beforehand, know in advance who has already committed and save time to plan actions for the undecided.

Use ClipEscola's ready-made paths to engage students in these critical times.

Request and receive missing documents, enforce the deadlines for each step and automatically notify the "delayed".

For all those who responded positively, either forward the digital acceptance application or the digitally signed contract directly to the platform!

You can still do all the necessary financial management, sending registration fees for payment by mobile phone, trading securities, automatic correction of arrears and settlement of delinquents.

M31 - 15

360° STAGE / Marketing & Endomarketing Communication Among graduates

Also connect with former students, carrying out publicity actions, such as invitations to events, meeting of old classes, graduates, and others.

The disclosure is made directly by the application or, for those who have not downloaded or are not interested in downloading the App, the Clips are automatically redirected to the emails.

You can also enable the ability to receive documents, vouchers, pictures and videos.

In addition to message exchange, polling features and complex searches can also be used for application with this audience.

M31 - 16

360° STAGE / Marketing & Endomarketing Communication Among the Internal Team

Communication with the internal team is no longer manual, unstructured, carried out by means of a message board or WhatsApp, sprayed in various media.
Messages and announcements can be made in message formats, elaborate documents, PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, images and videos.

  • Interaction among employees by teaching / course;

  • Interaction of teachers and / or coordinators by course or series / phase;

  • Interaction by department;

Resource that enhances the exchange of knowledge between teams, as teachers exchanging information on academic issues and content with each other, all on the same platform.

In addition to the exchange of messages, polling features and complex searches can also be used for application among the institution's teams.

Added to the ease and convenience, the school can also monitor and moderate all the exchange of information held in these environments.

M31 - 17

360° STAGE / Marketing & Endomarketing COMUNICATION FOR NETWORKS

Powerful feature for network managers or franchises.

Communicate directly with all internal and external teams of all schools in the group in a structured and organized way.

Provide feedback channels, at the discretion of the network, for ombudsman, institutional teams or direct sales of materials, for example.

Create centralized campaigns to capture and retain parents and students across the network, track results, and receive action feedback.

Apply polls or complex searches across the group as easily as sending a Clip!

Place products for sale or issue fees for payment, whether conditional or optional, for the entire network. Manage the discharges, negotiations and default of these rates.

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service management STAGE 360°

M31 - 18

360° STAGE / service management School Transportation and School Access

Agility also in the parents’ routine of parents
Notices of arrival of the parents in the school, Follow-up of the route of the school bus, authorization of third parties for withdrawal of the children, confirmation of entry and exit of students, and much more!

I'm coming!
Decrease parental waiting time and reduce the queue of cars near the School. Through GPS, the ClipEscola accompanies parents who are approaching the School, allowing employees to expedite the release of children.

Likewise, ClipEscola informs parents of the proximity of the school bus to pick up and drop off the children at home. Comfort and safety for everyone involved.

Third Party Authorization
Agility and safety. Receive and confirm authorization to third parties for removal of children, directly from the parents' smartphone. View photos, identification and degree of relationship of the authorized, as well as the validity of the authorization.

Input and Output Confirmation
Integrate turnstiles or other entry-level devices into ClipEscola and automatically inform parents of the school's actual entry and exit times.

M31 - 19

360° STAGE / service management Canteen and other Outsourced services

Inclusion of the canteen and other outsourced providers in the flow of communication with parents and employees of the school.

Streamline day / week menu disclosures, food policies, product promotions, and related issues by distributing tasks directly to responsible suppliers. All in a structured and safe way.

Keep control of the information circulating through the School, schedule the messages for review of Coordinators, Secretariat or marketing team before publication to parents or students.

With the integration with the canteen system, those responsible can monitor, in real time, all the items being consumed by the student in the school canteen.

As well as in the canteen, other products can be easily integrated with ClipEscola in order to standardize the communication channel and revision and security policies of all information that needs to be forwarded to parents or students.

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recipes STAGE 360°

M31 - 20

360° stage / recipes ClipPag - Collection and Delinquency Management

It's less work for your team and more revenue for the School!

Automate the whole collection process of your school, from the personalized generation of plans, values ​​and conditions until the recovery of default. Through ClipPag, parents can pay tuition, school trips, events and extra fees directly from their cell phone

Forget the long days by issuing tickets, correcting values, resending bank records, charging parents and students, sending emails and a lot more calls. Let ClipPag do all the work for your School!

Support for all the resources that a School needs: customizable expiration days per student, scholarships, date discounts, installments, interest charges, and more.

Decide which means of payment to accept, billet and / or card, for each type of fee. And without the need for contracts with banks or card companies, leave this to ClipPag.

Defaulter collections and recovery rules are customizable and from there, managed automatically by the platform. Notifications, wages adjustments, correction of values, second ticket path, all automated billing routines and saving valuable time from the school's treasury team.

M31 - 21

360° stage / recipes CLIPCOIN

ClipCoin functions as a virtual wallet for payments that replaces the use of money for the purchase of snacks in the canteen or other products within the school.

As a virtual wallet, parents purchase ClipCoins and transfer to the student's virtual account, which can then make purchases at the School without having to handle cash.

This resource, besides offering convenience to parents and great security against assaults, also becomes an ally in the fight against bullying. Another benefit is the possibility for parents to monitor and control their children's expenses at all school premises.

The entire financial record is stored with the security of a blockchain network, meaning each ClipCoin can be traced from its source to the current owner. All this without the complexity of a Criptomoeda, our network is private and for internal use of the Schools, ClipCoin is stable and always equated to the value of R$ 1.00.

ClipCoin can be integrated with all school partners by increasing the range of products available in ClipCoins.

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M31 - 22

360° stage / recipes MARKETPLACE

The ClipEscola Marketplace is designed to enable the school's products or services, or even partner suppliers, to be marketed to parents, students, and employees.

The School defines the rules for the display, promotion and availability of products by the target audience. Unit, course, class or even collaborators.

For those cases where the School allows third-party products to be shipped, the platform supports the management of commissions and automatic split of payments between the virtual accounts of each involved, thus allowing the School to also monetize these sales.

ClipEscola's Marketplace accepts payments via Bank slip, Credit Card or ClipCoins.

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Artificial Intelligence stage

ChatBots, Behavior Analysis and Predictive Analyzes

Get ready for an artificial intelligence era with robot assistants and machine learning for data analysis and repetitive task automation. Focus your team's efforts on the tasks that truly generate value and use the insights of data analysis to positively impact in the actions of capturing and retaining students.

* By 2020, 85% of consumer interactions will be driven by an automatic chatbot¹ and will be the first choice to differentiate a company from its competitors.²
1. Gartner Summits. "Gartner Customer 360 Summit: CRM Strategies and Technologies to Understand, Grow and Manage Customer Experiences." Gartner, Inc. 2011.
2. Walker Information, Inc. "Customers 2020: The Future of B-to-B Customer Experience." 2016

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business intelligence Artificial Intelligence Stage

M31 - 23

Artificial Intelligence Stage / Business Intelligence CHATBOT

Increase the productivity of your collaborators team with a tool that can simulate human conversation! Chatbot can answer recurring questions asked by parents, students, or coworkers. Carry out dissemination of the school calendar, dates of school tests and events, information on enrollment and enrollment processes, and more.

Chatbot is programmed from the information preset by the School. It can serve as a first level contact point in which it is possible to automate repetitive and bureaucratic responses in the form of a predefined dialogue.
The school saves time, resources and increases productivity; and parents and students gain with the responsiveness and convenience of the service.

Check out how chatbot can help the various departments of your institution:


  • Disclosure of dates, packages and promotions;

  • Returnable with financial status;

  • Requests for duplicate tickets;

  • Renegotiation of arrears;


  • Dissemination of the school calendar and other important dates, such as re-registration period, dates of meetings, events and extra activities;

  • Dissemination of the calendar of tests, papers and others;

  • Hours of operation;

  • Availability of information on courses, subjects and menus;

  • Scheduling attendance calendars among parents and school employees;


  • Reactive pre-sales service

  • Providing information on new courses and services

  • Closing of registrations



M31 - 24

Artificial Intelligence Stage / Business Intelligence Mood and Personality Map

Get a detailed picture of the satisfaction climate for parents, students and staff at the school. The resource uses artificial intelligence to analyze the interactions that occur in all communication channels of the ClipEscape, and from these messages detect the mood swings of the participants in a conversation fragment in the timeline, allowing the School to detect warning signs and act proactively in situations that are becoming critical.

When performing the analysis of language and forms of writing, the artificial intelligence feature is able to draw mood maps and personality profiles of parents, students and collaborators.

The analyzes can identify the degree of satisfaction or frustration, and also if the service provided is within the quality standards of the School. It is possible to identify specific problems in the attendance: employee X or employee Y when in contact with father / student Z, and then be alerted to the need for corrective actions or reinforcement of good service practices.

The resource can also be used in groups of conversations between parents, between students and between collaborators, allowing the identification of stresses in all interactions in the School.

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M31 - 25

Artificial Intelligence Stage / Business Intelligence Predictive Analysis of Retention and Abandonment

Anticipate several scenarios with this incredible artificial intelligence tool. It collects a large amount of data for insights and forecasts, analyzes past and present occurrences, and presents a prognosis for what lies ahead.

The resources can be used on several fronts as: projection of new capture, projection of retention and abandonment; defaults and many others;

The purpose of the predictive analysis is to bring to the attention of the School leaders the tendencies that present themselves in critical areas of the institution, and with that, to allow time for proactive planning in order to reverse critical situations.

By observing the inclinations of parents and students, it is also possible to indicate, according to the profile, certain products, services, courses and specific activities, thus increasing the impact of these campaigns.

It's no more intuition or crystal ball, but technology!

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