Become our Partner

Become our Partner

Our partners are an important part of the Clip ecosystem!

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Indicate and Win Program

Business Partners

Integration Partners


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Be part of our movement and help us bring parents, students and schools together!

All together for the development of education and a greener and more collaborative world!

Nominate ClipSchool to other schools and earn credits to use as discount on monthly payment! Credits are measured in ClipCoin, coin of ClipEscola.

The ClipCoins will be won after the first month of accession of the indicated institution and in quantity proportional to the size of the indication:


From 0 to 200 students


From 201 to 300 students


From 301 to 400 students


From 401 to 500 students


From 501 to 700 students


From 701 to 800 students


From 801 to 1000 students


From 1001 to 2000 students


From 2001 to 3000 students


From 3001 to 5000 students

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Business partners We offer a differentiated training program, aggressive margins, partnership channel, Leads generation assistance, Marketing Kit and Co-Marketing.

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Increase your revenues! We work with three distinct profiles of market opportunities:

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Indication of business, with sales cycle conducted directly by Clip.

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Sale by Scheduling:

Conduction of the sales cycle by the partner, based on the opportunity schedule made by Clip.

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Complete sales cycle by the partner

Continuous Monitoring

Our partner managers constantly support and follow our channels.
Sales material, training, software and tools for the entire prospecting cycle.
We are here to ensure your success, after all, this is a partnership!

We work with record of opportunity, without frontiers or closed regions.
Our market is worldwide.

Affordable Price and Guaranteed ROI

The ClipEscola Platform reduces direct costs, saves a lot of team time, focuses on capturing and retaining students, reduces delinquency and even promotes the digital transformation of all school teams!

All this, and for less than one ream of A4 paper per student / year!

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Integration Partners Integrations to enhance your business

Clip can further assist educational institutions when connected to other education market solutions and systems

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Are you a developer and want to connect your solution to ClipEscola?